Barbarians At the Gate

22 May 2015 22:30:00 - Last updated: 31 October 2020 23:20:26

I met in Paris one of the famous correspondents of the Second World War who covered D day on the 6th of June 1944.
He is John Morris.
We met by coincidence at the Brasserie De Lille in Paris, thanks to a correspondent of war, Peter Turnley.
I read a lot about the Second World War.
It is my favorite subject.
There were times when wars aimed to deliver people from oppression and fascism but nowadays they allow gangs to destroy entire states, and displace millions of people, annihilate the cradle of civilization the Fertile Crescent of Syria and Iraq.
I just feel so sad about the future of our region.
All efforts should be done to preserve Lebanon regardless of the internal divisions.
As Robert Kaplan rightly said the “The Barbarians are at The Gate”.