Joumblatt: A Deal Over the Ruins of the Arab World

16 July 2015 19:45:00 - Last updated: 31 October 2020 23:12:45

Commenting on the Western- Iranian deal, the President of the Progressive Socialist Party Walid Joumblatt wrote this article for Al Anbaa Newspaper:

Far from the scene in Vienna where photos were taken to commemorate this historical moment, it might be necessary to remember that the nuclear deal between Iran and the West is a result of the invasion and occupation of Iraq and the atrocities which were, and still are, endured by the Iraqi people and on the corpses of the Syrian people. This deal was signed with the blood of hundreds of thousands of Syrians who were killed to pave the way for this agreement.


This deal comes after almost a hundred years since the Sykes-Picot agreement. It was concluded on the wreckage of the Arab world which has descended into chaos and darkness at a time when regional and international players content to watch Arab blood wasted as they seek only their interests!


It is not improbable that new alliances in the region are renegotiated by the big powers disregarding four decades of direct or indirect conflicts. These new alliances might be aimed at targeting what is so called ‘terrorism’ through cooperating with the Syrian regime ignoring its use of chemical weapons and the bombardment of its people with explosive barrels leading to the carnage of almost 300,000 Syrians!


From the Coburg Palace which oversees Theodore Hertzel Square in Vienna, new plans have been drawn for the Middle East, totally excluding the Arabs and their role in their own region, and entirely disregarding the Palestinian cause. Therefore, it might be necessary to reach a peaceful settlement in the Yemeni War, especially after the concurring positions taken by the Saudi King and the American President. It is further necessary to increase Arab unity to confront the upcoming challenges as the Iranian influence might increase in several Arab countries.


If the Iranian- American conflict had not at the time pushed the United States to exert pressure on Iran in order to stop the massacres of the Syrian regime, can anyone expect that this could or would happen after the deal has already been signed and the period of “rapprochement” and cooperation has commenced?