Farewell to Tom Fletcher

02 August 2015 21:50:00 - Last updated: 31 October 2020 22:56:08

Dear Tom,

After your Orwellian description of Lebanon, and its oligarchs, and I am one of them, I am almost speechless. But I can still Tweet thanks to you.

Allow me to quote you or comment on your message full of hope and frustartion at the same time.

Yes, Gebran was right long time ago when he said: “You have your Lebanon, I have mine”.

Most of us destroyed his Lebanon, and I wonder if somebody remembers him.


Long time ago, inspired by Kamal Joumblatt, I was in a way idealistic as for Lebanon, the Arab world, mainly Palestine.

But this idealism was eroded, then buried by the civil war and the endless funerals of dear friends, comrades most of them brutally murdered, assassinated by the Powers of Darkness.

But sometimes, I am still resilient, able to go on, to fight for a better Lebanon, for justice.


I think, still think, that justice will be done.

But I wonder when the sun of hope will rise, so as to get rid of this darkness at noon, mainly in Syria and Palestine.


I am fully confident that somewhere, somehow, some Lebanese will keep your message of hope for Beirut utopia and Lebanon 2020.

Dear Tom,

We thank you for all what you did for this country and its institutions, the army, the internal forces, the economy, the Syrian refugees.

Nora and I will miss you both Tom and Louise.

I wish you the best in your new career, hoping to see you somewhere, sometime, and reminding you that Nora and the Joumblatts will always greet you whenever you feel like, here at Moukhtara.