All Masks Have Fallen

02 October 2015 13:25:00 - Last updated: 31 October 2020 20:15:53

What a frightening and tragic scene is unfolding in Syria! The Syrian people are once more left alone to face the evil of the Islamic State, the savagery of the Assad regime and the claws of the Russian bear.

حمص مدمرة

All masks have fallen. A whole people have been uprooted, slain, scorched and displaced. The tragedy of the Syrian people is similar and draws a parallel to the tragedy of the Palestinian people.

نكبة فلسطين

The Russian bear does not grasp the simplest rules of diplomacy, since it is a bear. Claiming it wants to combat ISIS, it attacks instead the Free Syrian Army in Rastan and its surroundings.


What’s ironic; is that the Russians brought anti-aircraft missiles to protect the newly rebuilt base, but from whom? Unless ISIS has hidden air force weapons? Not to my knowledge.


Somewhere, in the high-ranking circles, negotiations are taking place between the big powers at the expense of the Syrian people, over corpses and charred bodies.


What is happening now in Syria reminds me of what happened in Poland back in 1939. Then, Hitler and Stalin together divided Poland at the expense of Poland’s unity and its people.


Do you remember the second Warsaw uprising? The Red Army was at the gates of Warsaw capable of intervening to save the rebels but Stalin let the Nazi death squads kill the free rebels in Warsaw for a month before taking action.


Despots are similar, Stalin and Hitler… What can we say today about Syria? Bashar and Putin…