The Tsar is back… and Balfour is dancing joyfully in his tomb

28 December 2015 12:40:00 - Last updated: 31 October 2020 19:03:54

At the end of 2015, almost a hundred years after the signature of the Sykes-Picot Accord, it looks as if the Arab world is heading toward radical change, if not the start of an earthquake.


A century ago, France and Britain were at war with the Ottoman Empire. After the Ottoman defeat the region’s current states, or at least most of them, were established.


Today, these entities are being changed from within through a process of collective extermination and displacement, whether in Iraq or Syria. This is being done with the participation of local regimes and regional and international states that seem to be acting in contradictory ways, but actually are working in harmony.


The first victim is Arab culture, with its diverse constituencies. Arab identity, or what remains of it, is being replaced by a forced and wondrously strange alliance of minorities that will lead in the future to unprecedented fragmentation.

This leads us to regret the national entities in place prior to military and Baathist Fascist rule in its Saddamist or Assadist manifestations. These entities are the ones that existed prior to the failed unionist project into which Egypt was dragged by its intelligence-led regime. This had catastrophic repercussions, including the 1967 defeat as well as the Camp David Accords.

القدس 67

I will not elaborate further. However, the Arabs, or Arab identity (since I don’t believe in Arab race), is undergoing an organized process of extermination similar to that of the Armenians at the hands of the Ottomans. Nevertheless, the Armenian people preserved their identity despite the heavy losses they suffered.

العالمية الاولى حرب

Yet Arabs, because of Baathism and other forms of Fascism, along with the prevailing religious discourse, are heading towards an unprecedented era of ignorance. This is taking place under American, Russian and Israeli auspices, in the presence of an active and clever Iran, alongside a stumbling Turkey that might be catastrophically affected internally if the matter of the downing of the Russian plane is not resolved before it is too late.


We must remember that Sykes-Picot included the division of the Ottoman Empire, before the downfall of the Tsar of Russia. Therefore, a peaceful settlement of the Kurdish problem in accordance with maintaining Turkish sovereignty is necessary.

وعد بلفور

The Tsar is back! Balfour is dancing joyfully in his tomb! The Arab world is trembling and falling to pieces!