Our Beloved President and Persian Carpets

03 February 2016 14:00:00 - Last updated: 31 October 2020 18:21:05

It looks that our future president will come on a Persian carpet!

Can the Lebanese MPs decide? I doubt. We are like sitting ducks and somebody else decides!

Everything now is black. The powers of darkness, sorry enlightenment, are not in a hurry.

Hence, let us guess naively about our future beloved president and praise the merciful all powerful guide for ever.

Mind you, we have so many questions to ask.

Aladdin is ready to answer is in it?


So dear Alladin: what do you think or what does the lamp say please?


To start with: what kind of carpet and from where? Is this Ali Nazal’s bazaar? He is my friend.


I did not know that Alladin was my neighbor.

No it looks that it is from Mohammad Maktabi ‘s shop.

CaTVmgaWcAA9-_M.jpg large

I am mistaken and Yousef Maktabi is angry. It is his carpet. Sorry Yousef, I did not know.


I am almost lost now because Alladin is telling me that the carpet belongs to Bechir Maktabi, another great friend.

I will leave it to Aladdin to settle the issue. The potential presidents are many so Alladin can choose between Ali Nazal, Yousef, Mohammad or Bechir Maktabi.


I have to ask Rima if she is in the carpet business too.


Alladin is telling me now that he has other consultations. He is fed up of would be presidents.


Enough for today. Tomorow, Aladdin might tell us about the intentions of the Supreme guide, if he is allowed of course!