Away From Oriental Despotism

05 February 2016 11:50:00 - Last updated: 31 October 2020 18:00:51

Away from fictitious elections and the Labyrinth of Oriental politics

Away from the never ending oriental despotism dehumanizing human beings


Away from totalitarian ideologies using Nazi style methods to rule like the Ba’ath party for the last 70 years

Away from one dimensional interpretation of Islam that spreads hatred, terror and death in the name of God


Away from treacherous daggers from enemies and supposedly friends, all of them from the same bunch


Away from the perpetual darkness at noon that is superbly described by Arthur Koestler


Away from the light of doom prophetically announced by Jibrane

Away from a world that never progressed while others did as Emir Al Bayan Shakib Arslan foresaw.


Away from the great Arab Prison that Kamal Joumblatt denounced

Finally, away from the Arab and Moslem world of killers and assassins that May Arslan Joumblatt portrayed before passing away.