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The Will of Life Above All Considerations

01 March 2016 09:30:00 - Last updated: 31 October 2020 15:14:43

More than ever, some articles, studies and positions reveal that the fate of Syria is division. The two major engineers for this crazy game are John Kerry, meaning America, on one hand


and Serguei Lavrov meaning Russia, on the other hand.


However, the final borders are slowly sketched in the field


And the Syrian people is left alone, killed, tortured and displaced


And the world is in retreat watching from far away


In the meantime, and in the closed circles, the future of Syria is being decided according to the interests of global powers and neighbouring countries


As for the regime, it is always ready to bombard, destroy, kill and displace or stop fire according to commands


How expensive was that nuclear deal as its real regional and international dimensions will unfold as it did in the past with the secrets of Sykes- Picot


As for us in Lebanon, as we are helpless, we can not but reduce loss as much as possible and uphold to dialogue

And insist on the will of life calmly, patiently and persistently


And emphasize that the will of life is above all other considerations.