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#Putin One Day, Truth Will Come

06 May 2016 15:30:00 - Last updated: 31 October 2020 14:55:03

#Putin is the president hiding from something or is the sun too bright

#Putin maybe he is seeing but pretending not to see

#Putin whatever the case is the realities cannot be hidden. Nobody is fool

#Putin I apologize if what I say will disturb you, but I have to say it


#Putin you could have avoided this macabre concert at Palmyra


#Putin this show amidst the rubles and the stench of death

#Putin given by your friend Valery Gergiev who looks like Mephistopheles amidst the ruins and the deads of Syria


#Putin why Mr president you insist on looking like your terrible predecessor


#Putin you know exactly Mr president that Bachar has made out of Syria a new gulag

#Putin and one day the truth will come about the mass graves of the tens of thousands of the missing Syrians


#Putin One day the truth will come that your concert was done on dead bodies


#Putin I am sorry Mr president to have offended you but his music is just death


#Putin can’t you see Mr president that you are shaking hand with death


#Putin Deep regards Mr president