Herbert Hoover /By Glen Jeansonne

Prizewinning historian Glen Jeansonne delves into the life of the most misunderstood president, offering up a surprising new portrait of Herbet Hoover – dismissing pervious assumptions and revealing a political Progressive in the mold of Theodore Roosevelt, and the most resourceful American since Benjamin Franklin.

A compelling and rich examination of his character, accomplishments and failings, this is the magnificent biography of Herbert Hoover we have long waited for.

“Historian Glen Jeansonne’s fine biography, the first to treat [Herbert Hoover’s] entire life… has given us an exhaustively researched, balanced, and thorough treatment of an American life very much worth knowing about” – The American Spectator.

The full title of this book is “Herbet Hoover: A Life”. Published by Berkley NY (October 2016).

Compiled and reviewed by Clara Rayes.